Music Education System for Kids

Joan was in residence for 2 days per month at Snowy Range Academy from September 2018- April 2019. She taught Amy Wright’s General Music Classes using MagnaBeat. This is what some students from Snowy Range Academy have to say about MagnaBeat after 2-day monthly Residencies with Joan and the MagnaBeat Method.

“MagnaBeat is really great. As a musician I know exactly what to play. We learn more than just rhythms. It teaches me how to stay together. We can find ourselves and others and get back on track if we get off. It gives me confidence and teaches me to speak the language of music.”

Kauther, Snowy Range Academy Middle School Student; Laramie, WY.

“I really like that there are certain lengths of the notes and you have the standard quarter notes and you have the rhythms against the quarter notes. I can play better in orchestra because I know how long and short the note is. MagnaBeat helps me keep up with others in the orchestra.”

Allyse, Snowy Range Academy Student; Laramie, WY.

“It’s easier to learn music. It’s like perfect for me. If I get a new piece of music it helps me like break it down. We all get better.”

Rowan, Snowy Range Academy; Laramie, WY.

“It helps me visualize the notes and values because the notes are stacked on top of each other. It’s easier now because I know how long to hold the notes. Before I really didn’t know and just did the best I could. It makes me feel like I can play music better. Makes me feel... smarter.”

Rita, Snowy Range Academy; Laramie, WY.

“Teaches me how to use the notes... which note is which. Helps me stay on track.”

Poppy, Snowy Range Academy; Laramie, WY.

“It helps me to like stick together with whole groups and when I’m practicing to count the rhythms and stuff. MagnaBeat helps me when I’m doing a tough rhythm I can like clap it out and think about it and it helps me.”

Flynn, 5th Grader, Snowy Range Academy; Laramie, WY.

“Maybe now I’ll understand the difference between all the rests.”

Isaiah, Snowy Range Academy 5th Grader; Laramie, WY.

“I learned more about music during this 45 minutes with Amy than I did my entire elementary schooling.”

Principal Cowper, Snow Range Academy after observing Music Teacher, Amy Wright using MagnaBeat in Music Class.

“Moving the rhythms around gives you a better feel of it [the music].”

Elisa, Snowy Range Academy the Middle School Student; Laramie, WY.

“What an amazing tool for teaching rhythmic notation. The visual and spatial relationships as well as the ability to manipulate the magnets make MagnaBeat a welcomed addition to my Suzuki violin studio!”

Jennifer Cowell-DePaolo, Casper College Music Department Program Director; Casper, WY.

“[MagnaBeat] helps me learn how to do different rhythms and not just the same one all the time.”

Rita, Snowy Range Academy Middle School Student.

What Joan Says

“I am grateful to Snow Range Academy Principal, Mr. Cowper, General Music Teacher, Amy Wright, the SRA Staff and the entire student body for you openness, kindness, generosity, and belief in the MagnaBeat Method and for the time you allowed me to be with you, your students and in your classrooms. It has been a wonderful, enriching, and learning experience for me. Thank you for all your help and acceptance.”

Joan Davies, Creator of The MagnaBeat Music Method.