Music Education System for Kids

What we cover in the MagnaBeat Curriculum

The Basics and More

  • Introducing the Steady Beat/Pulse
  • Music vs. Noise
  • Three “S’s” – Start together, Stay together, Stop together
  • Personal Steady Beat/ Ensemble Steady Beat
  • Melding Steady Beat with Quarter Note
  • Relating notation to Language Arts
  • Introducing new rhythms and notation
  • Clefs
  • Time Signatures
  • Repeat sign vs. Double Bar Line
  • Adding rhythms incl. Syncopation
  • Tempo
  • See the beat, Hear the beat, Feel the beat
  • Melodic Connections
  • Composition: Rhythms and Melodies
  • Beginning improvisation
  • Transition from syllable counting to number counting
  • Steady Beat relative to conducting

Student Engagement:

  • Teaching the Whole Child
    1. “Echo” and “Teach”
    2. “Answer Board”
  • Why a musical vocabulary? Definitions and Meanings
  • Your brain as a computer
  • Get behind your students
  • Games
    1. “Echo Words”
    2. “TEACH!”
    3. “Say-Spell-Say”
    4. “ROOOO-tate”
    5. “Flash Round”
    6. “Ski Relay”