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MagnaBeat is a revolutionary system for music education
MagnaBeat is a classroom tested, proven system for music education.
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MagnaBeat was created by Joan Davies to improve music education for kids by focusing on developing understanding through rhythmic feeling & learning to start, play and stay together.

MagnaBeat makes learning music fun

It’s important to make learning music fun for children. The MagnaBeat system is a hands-on visual way to learn music that is engaging and playful. MagnaBeat emphasizes repetition and variation (Syfr Institute) to hold childrens' attention and teach them ensemble stability. MagnaBeat is a fantastic classroom resource that music teachers love.

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Joan Davies, creator of MagnaBeat is available for workshops & residencies

Starting at just $500 you can book classroom workshops & residencies with Joan Davies. Joan has 30+ years of experience teaching music to children and has a BS in Music Education from West Chester University and a Masters in teaching from Grand Canyon University. Put her proprietory  musical education system to work for you!

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Benefits of the MagnaBeat System
MagnaBeat was created by Joan Davies to improve kid’s music comprehension focusing on developing rhythmic feeling & learning to play together as a musical ensemble starting in 1st Grade.
  • Engagement


    Attention grabbing & learn through play

  • Teamwork


    Connect with other ensemble members

  • Student Centered

    Student Centered

    Effective methods that facilitate learning

  • Musical Feeling

    Musical Feeling

    Kids learn how to feel rhythms & beats

  • Spatial Relationships

    Spatial Relationships

    Children learn & practice different rhythms